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November 28, 2015 – LSAIsrael was honored to conduct a seminar on Filipino Martial Arts at the invitation of Sensei Shlomo David at their Annual Training Camp.  With the assistance of my senior students we introduced the use of the stick in close range under the principles of Baston Serrada.

It was important to learn and develop movements applicable to each stage before, during and after combat.

ENGAGE – before any combat there is a stage where no physical contact has begun yet. Different movements, stances, positions and structures provide different opportunities for either attack or defense. We worked several structures to develop lines of attack and angles of defense such as Lastiko, Bartikal, Tulay, Kanto-kanto

POINT OF CONTACT – Since we were working the close range we used the “Iron Dome” defense to intercept incoming strikes and put us into a good position to counter attack.

ASSAULT – Changing your opponents attitude is essential.  From Point of contact defense we shift to the attack with a blanketing barrage of strikes using Banda y Banda, Basbas, Repetisyon and Kanto-kanto.

DISENGAGE – After a successful counter-attack it is important to break-off safely from contact. We worked some structures such as the Doblada and Tulay that effectively lay “cover fire” as you disengage so that you may recover safely.

We also worked different variations,substitutions and options from the root structure to take advantage of other disciplines.

All-in-all it was a great way to spend the weekend. Thanks go to the members and students of Shirokan Dojo for being an excellent group. See you again soon.

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EVENT: Happy Holidays 2015!!!

Posted: December 16, 2015 in Events

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DECEMBER 12, 2015 | LSAIsrael holds its annual Hannu-Xmas Party!  This is pretty much the last party of the 2015, so it’s a great time to bring everyone together with good food, drinks and company.  Lots of good cheer and presents all around.

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The Hannu-Xmas party for us serves as an occasion where LSAIsrael celebrates as a family brought together by Filipino Martial arts.
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more photos by the amazing Danielle on her FB page
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I still believe I got the best present this year! 😛