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  1. MARK INGEMI says:

    Jon , I love your point on view on the FMA. You have a great way to make use of the training , & be open minded to it also. I like that in a martial artist. Also a good attitude to broaden horizons in the arts as well. Like to hook up with you in the future. I am in NJ USA ( NEW JERSEY.). If you’re interested , & not doing anything important next month there will be a 3 Day Outdoor Kuntao Camp /event that will be taking place in Southbury , Connecticut USA. Sifu Ron Kosakowski will be heading it. The dates are July 25 – 27 2014. Here is the website for further info.

    Mark Ingemi

  2. untung slamet says:

    I live in indonesia.
    Is there any eskrima/arnis/kali camp, workshop or seminar this year? For 5-14 days (10 hours each day) is very good. Held in philipines or asia is better.
    learn fighting stick, knife, disarm (no weapon) for self defense in the street

    I come for learn, not for vacation
    Need info please

  3. MSP says:

    I want to find folks to practice arnis. I studied with Remy Preses in LA back in 1980’s. was in the 1st class he gave in LA years ago. Still have sticks he gave me.

    • Jon Escudero says:

      Awesome! Are you still swinging them?

      • MSP says:

        Well I’m older now…..awfully older….but yes, I swing them a bit. I was maybe 24 when I first met Preses in LA. He taught all over LA at the time at various schools running clinics in arnis. When I was 16 I worked in a Chinese restaurant washing pots and the chef was from the Philipines. I really learned from him early on and that has lasted all these years. At night after the restaurant closed we would all go take a swim, get the smell of Chinese food off our arms and work arnis on the beach nearby. Small classes worked well. He used to throw chopping knives into a wooden cutting board he had on the wall. I don’t remember his name but he was a tough guy. Great chef. Rough teaching style. Everyone had black and blue marks. I’m teaching my 12 year old grand daughter a bit. My son and I enjoy cracking each others knuckles occasionally and working technique. I’m about 20 minutes on Route 2 south of Haifa. Do you ever get out into a park or run a class up here at any time? Maybe we can get to you folks on a Saturday but mid week is tough. Thoughts?

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