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VIDEO: Welcome to LSAIsrael

Posted: May 15, 2015 in Introduction
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a few more people than the Power Rangers

Some things cannot be conveyed through words alone. ¬†So we did a video ūüėõ

Thanks go to Ofer for his digital magic.

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A Reintroduction

A Filipino Martial Art demonstration – Lightning Scientific Arnis by Master Jon Escudero, at the RONI based shooting competition, held at “Neshek Hatzafon” shooting range.

Presenting and demonstrating Filipino Martial Arts outside the Philippines is always a bit interesting and challenging at the same time. ¬† Active martial artists already have a general idea or at least some exposure to it, but that’s something you can’t assume for the general public. ¬†So each time we make a presentation we have to always¬†explain¬†the general context for what¬†we do. ¬†FMA is currently enjoying a boom in its exposure in mainstream cinema. ¬†Click here to see a video list. ¬†Hollywood ¬†blockbusters are featuring it in their fight and action choreography finally become something more than just an obscure, exotic fighting system.

I find FMA truly enjoyable to train in and teach. The myriad different lessons embedded in each technique, the depth and breadth of complexity within the simplicity of its movements, and the variety and flexibility of its applications, keep me deeply interested in its study.

I try to make thing interesting, maybe tell a story, a joke or something amusing, but in the end the moves must speak for themselves.

Enjoy the clip!

So I’ve decided to get back to writing again. ¬†I find that its one of the most effective ways for me to get my ideas across and pretty much helps me process information well enough to not confuse me. ¬†My thoughts pretty much race all over the place so fast that that I find that putting them down on “paper” pretty much helps me to see whether they are going over a cliff edge, out to space or slamming into a brick wall.

So, I’m going to use this method to try to organize and explain principles, concepts and ideas that I find interesting in the martial arts including, but not limited to the Filipino Martial Arts for which I am totally biased. ¬†Don’t¬†get me wrong, I enjoy other martial arts as well, but I’m Filipino and its part of my heritage and culture. ¬†Unfortunately much of this history and culture was passed down orally. ¬†There’s not much left in terms of books, artwork, drawings and other artifacts so we are pretty much left with just the names and the movements, which is a complex codification of the desired behaviors and actions that may seem strange without the proper context to understand it.

That’s pretty much what this blog is going to be about. ¬†I’ll probably also toss in some anecdotes and experiences in training. ¬†It’s a great journey, walking the path of martial arts. ¬†Its something I recommend, but well, to each his own.

We all have our own roads to walk.