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Traditional VS Tactical

Posted: January 21, 2019 in Ramblings, Reads

The trouble I see here is the “VS” part.  Firstly, there is no point in “versus”. Second, its much ado about nothing. Most I see is a divisive effort at marketing by disparaging one or the other in favor of their strengths. Nothing really wrong with that. But coupled with “bandwagonism” fueled by charismatic personalities it only serves to pit one against the other in a competition where there shouldn’t be any.  But then again in a world where capitalism/commercialism (read: getting students in the door) gets on the mat with teaching fighting arts for whatever reason, this is when the issues, agendas and advocacies bubble to the surface.

Expandables VS Expendables… spelling matters

Both sides in general seem to want to do good.  Funny thing is when each view the other side, they only see the bad or damage each side is doing. For sure there are nutjobs out there on both sides, in my opinion, these are the idiots both sides should go after.

The way I look at it is that it’s all different parts of the life cycle of the same martial animal. There’s a time for play, there’s a time to train, there’s a time for struggle, a time to evolve and a time to pass it on. By no means is this linear or in any particular order, and no particular set duration or timetable. Pretty much people circling the same elephant but seeing different things.  

We all have different goals at different stages in life as well as different priorities and these things are going to affect your choices and decision making about what your focus should be in training.  If what you need or what you have resources for is short/quick/crash course in defensive violence go for it! Just vet your source before you join. Or if you’re looking for a more long term lifestyle approach, just be sure you’re not joining a cult ;p Unless it’s a good cult.

Make peace with it.  It’s opposite sides of the same coin. Shit stirrers are the only ones making a buck over the division. 

In the end it’s your choice… traditional pajama party or tactical LARPer.

Do what resonates with you.




2019 – Keeping Things Rolling…

Posted: January 19, 2019 in Ramblings, Reads

Sustainability.  That’s pretty much my buzzword these days.  It’s pointless to make acquaintances, partners or friends if you cant make good on your promises.  That means basically grinding.  That pretty much means support programs, trading videos, tips, articles… all self-inflicted.  I take the job of being LSA Tech Support very seriously so if you guys have any inquiries, comments, suggestions or even just curious about Lightning Scientific Arnis, let me know. Drop me a line in the comments or email me.

Clickety-clack goes the keypad…

Starting the year right is always tricky for me.  I like planning and sorting and setting things up fo the year.  Like setting up dominoes, starting the year right. Naturally, not everything goes as planned throughout the year, but its a great way to see if things are going as directed and to see where new opportunities arise and where dead ends need trimming.  

Do I think LSA is the best? Of course I do, in my totally biased opinion. Find out what resonates with you, what is best for your attributes, mindset and attitude!

So if you’ve also chosen Lightning, lets see that you get the most out of it together! 

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Backed Up And Backlogged

Posted: December 6, 2018 in Ramblings

Apparently I’m REALLY BAD at blogging… the blog has turned into a yearly report of sorts, recapping, reporting or simply just making a list of who, what, when and where what’s been done. Also I hear Blogging is old and passé… lets hear it for Old School!

So here’s what’s gonna happen…

1. movement/technique vids
2. vocabulary
3. more timely updates (hopefully)
4. lets start with that before I can promise anything more

…but first I guess I have to finish this years reports 😛


So a couple of weeks ago a local channel thought us interesting enough to feature on their channel.  They thought my wife and I were a unique and interesting combination.  Neta, with her love of LARP and costumes, and me, running a Filipino Martial Arts School in Israel.

They followed us around for a couple of days to get a glimpse of our lives and in general had a pretty good conversation with them.

So without further ado here’s a link to the clip of the show from Channel 1, sorry but no English translations available.

Here’s the link:

Warrior Family

Lightning Scientific Arnis Israel

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Doing something you love doing makes things feel less like work.  You know it’s work and that you have to sometimes treat it like work, but at the end of the day you know it is more than than that. Some will say it’s their passion, their advocacy, their mission.  To me it’s a way of life.  I guess you could say I’ve got escrima, kali, arnis on my mind.

Life is mercurial, many things change…but not this. This has been one of the constants in my life and has become part of my identity.  It may seem to be simplistic to define myself as such but I’m a pretty simple man.

Though I teach, I can never stop being a student.  You learn something new every day. Maybe not always a groundbreaking revelation, mostly it’s the little things, a little tweak here, an micro-adjustment there.  Sometimes we are just growing old… but at least still growing.  

So there you go! I talk a lot in the videos so good luck. 

Hope it’s helpful.


Part 1 – Getting Started and a little Personal (8m 13s)

Part 2 – Mang Ben – Who it all came From  (14m 57s)

Part 3 – Moving to Israel (14m 49s)

Part 4 – To Infinity (14m 54s)

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B0D89405-A040-4DF6-AABA-05BDC7C04F2AThere are no secrets to someone who has diligence, resourcefulness and persistence to uncover it. There’s too much talk about “secret” techniques and hidden knowledge. Too much hype about some “magic bullet” of a technique that defeats all. Or that a technique is so special that it is kept a secret.

Unless it’s magic or supernatural… it is not a secret.
Or maybe… its just being kept secret from you?

F7F21522-E4ED-40F4-9528-D64E5A0F2162Instead I would rather the focus be on a better understanding of the mechanics of the movements and the types of strategies it allows you to perform.

Complete mastery of a style or system, in my opinion, is a lifelong endeavor. We could only be so lucky to have a teacher or mentor who could guide us all the way along this journey. But life, being finite and all, we all will have to walk this road on our own eventually. So it is imperative that we have a solid understanding of the underlying mechanics, physics, contexts and concepts surrounding our techniques.

This is why I find it ridiculous when some people make grandiose claims of secret techniques and of secret interpretations of fighting moves. So here’s a toolkit to decode these mysteries.

1. Break it down into movements – there is no combat without movement. You need to move to get from point “a” to point “b”… so does an attack.
2. Define the Intent. Is it an “attack”, is it a “defense”. Is it a pro-active movement or a set up or a reaction?
3. Identify your goal. Fight? Flight? Or Freeze?
4. Add movement. Forward, Backward… sideways? Who moves first, who moves next? This way you know who is directing the action.
5. Substitute. Replace some movements. Instead of “attack”, block. Instead of “block”, attack. It gives you a different perspective of the movement at hand. Do you want to add a disarm, takedown, throw?

There’s no magic to this. Just hard study. Just doesn’t forget to test it first in class. Because the worst place to find out it doesn’t work is on the street.

Lightning Scientific Arnis Israel

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2017 has been a busy year, busy enough that I’ve let slip work on this blog so i’m sorry its been silent for a while. So where to begin?

Lets start with:
Wallace Collection
Did some decompressing in London.  Took a walk around and found myself at the Wallace Collection.  An excellent mix of china, jewelry, arms and armour.  in general a great way to get into the spirit of things.

Lightning Kali Combatives Seminar – Stevenage
This was the first trip for the year.  Checking up on the Lightning Kali Combatives group headed by Tom Pena.  This year I’m accompanied by Ofer, one of the Instructors in training from the Israel HQ.  The seminar saw some new blood as we refined core principles in Bigay Tama, Agaw Baston and some Stick Takedowns and light groundwork.  The core group also did an in-house review session to bolster the two-man drills and emphasize attribute development.

Royal Armoury – Leeds

Naturally at some point we took a break and finally got to set aside time to visit the Royal Armoury in Leeds.  This is a HUGE collection of arms and armour.  Too much to take in  all in one day… probably need to do it again.

Tel Aviv Seminar –  Lanseta Serrada

Back home and refreshed after the UK trip, ready to inflict some education we do a seminar on the principles behind Lanseta Serrada or filipino knifework using the principles of tersiya serada kadenilya y espada y daga.

Misgav Seminar – Haru Dojo
LSAIsrael gets invited to introduce and present Filipino Martial Arts at the Haru Dojo north of Tel Aviv.  2 hours to get there but well worth it.  It  is always a great experience to present Filipino Martial Arts to potential practitioners.

There’s nothing like getting some training in while on vacation. At least that was what was on Yemi’s mind.  Member of the DC club under Angelo Garcia, he came over to get some training time a halfstrike has t the HQ participating almost daily in classes and private training.  Of course downtime is awesome since the beach is so close and the food always good.  And yes… some training did happen.

Knife Show
We get invited pretty often to the local Knife expos here and get some time for demonstrations and such.  Always a good thing as we get to highlight and showcase  different aspects of a broad system.  This one was out of town at Emeq Hefer, Kibbutz north of Tel Aviv. So its always a good thing to have a new audience to present to since as much as FMA is now getting popular, it is still not as mainstream as we think.

Dojo Festival – Sachne
Every year we take the club out roughing it… ok semi-roughing it. Dojo Festival is an annual festival where many groups of martial artists come together as a little weekend community sharing in several martial arts related activities.  There’s a lot of fun had for everyone.

I took a little vacation trip this year and decided to hang out with my buddy Tom.  Funny thing how things work out as David Bardos, half of the dynamic duo, of our Australia group was also there. Wish your were there too Irvin de Castro.  It’s also a funny thing what we consider vacation.
Swung by the British Museum

As well as had the opportunity to meet up with an old friend, not the old guy. Always good to meet up Shaun!IMG_3438

Tel Avi – dulo-dulo seminar
And im back in Tel-aviv.  In this seminar we introduce a little known  self defense multip[lier called the dulo dulo, a little piece of wood just a little longer than the palm.  I think we handled this one pretty well.


Visiting Training Group Leaders


As the BER months come around so do some old students.  Angelo Garcia, DC Training Group Leader and Eldad Jaeger of our Hongkong Group were in town to get training upgrades… sabich.  Time flies when your having fun and we do get a lot of that as we spent nearly every day of almost as month just smacking each other around.  I think these 2 just fell in love. Can anyone say Whirlwind Bromance?


Lightning Scientific Arnis in the USA

Coppell ATA – Dallas


Katy – Houston

MKG Seattle

So I’m Stateside in October checking up on how we Lightning is doing in Houston, Dallas and Seattle and the looking is good.  That sounded weird. Seeing lots of growth in skill and understanding and that LSAI is developoing firm roots in these communities.  Thanks go to the efforts of Robert Montifar in Texas for rounding them up  whipping them into shape.  Same goes to the MKG Seattle peeps and the hard work of Bryce Tillet and Vince Beltran through the gudance and mentoring of Guro Andy Wilson, MKG Seattle Head Honcho and Owner.  Special thanks goes to Czar who keeps me well fed and comfy!


Visiting Guests and Friends

I can’t be abroad all the time so its always great when people come over.  We had a visit from the guys from the BKMO – British Krav Maga Organization. Looking to working together more with Wayne Edwards and company again!

My gratitude goes to everyone who make these activities  and trips a joy and and experience.  True the year isn’t over yet but it’s good to get a perspective of how the year has been.  Its been good so I cant wait for the next!  Things are still in the works so stay in touch for the update on our Annual HannuChristmas Party!!!
I never really tire of these things so keep me busy!!!