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A Reintroduction

A Filipino Martial Art demonstration – Lightning Scientific Arnis by Master Jon Escudero, at the RONI based shooting competition, held at “Neshek Hatzafon” shooting range.

Presenting and demonstrating Filipino Martial Arts outside the Philippines is always a bit interesting and challenging at the same time.   Active martial artists already have a general idea or at least some exposure to it, but that’s something you can’t assume for the general public.  So each time we make a presentation we have to always explain the general context for what we do.  FMA is currently enjoying a boom in its exposure in mainstream cinema.  Click here to see a video list.  Hollywood  blockbusters are featuring it in their fight and action choreography finally become something more than just an obscure, exotic fighting system.

I find FMA truly enjoyable to train in and teach. The myriad different lessons embedded in each technique, the depth and breadth of complexity within the simplicity of its movements, and the variety and flexibility of its applications, keep me deeply interested in its study.

I try to make thing interesting, maybe tell a story, a joke or something amusing, but in the end the moves must speak for themselves.

Enjoy the clip!


toys, toys, toys

One thing I love about FMA is all the toys we get to play with.  Sticks, swords and other sharp objects appeal to the tool-user in me.  Growing up in the 80’s watching He-Man, Conan, Shaolin and Ninja movies whetted my appetite for the weapon-martial arts.  There was elegance and  the element of danger between the  whirling blades.  There was also the mystery in the mastery of something not part of your body, something you weren’t born with. I saw weapons training as a discipline and a means to shape, hone and sharpen the mind as well as the body.  A means to expand awareness, a tool to enhance attributes.  I also thought it was practical. I was first attracted to Wushu for the weapons.  Yeah they were sexy.  But in the end I gravitated to something more…”primal”.  There’s something about smashing two large heavy sticks into things.  Truly, crushing and smashing things can be a lot of fun and thats what I discovered in the Filipino Martial Arts.  Yes, the art of “cutting with the blade”, does indeed exist in our culture, but hey, I was a beginner and was only starting on my path. Down this path you see all sorts of weapons. Strange, cruel, sexy, exotic and some just plain weird.  This is where I find myself. I’ve found many interesting eye-opening principles over the years, many that were just staring me in the face waiting for me to recognize them.  That’s why I do it.  Each weapon teaches a different lesson, a different mindset, different opportunities a different context. Its endless. And with that thought comes countless possibilities, ideas and a better understanding of   the mind and the many ways it has come up with to either destroy or defend. I’ve gotten pretty good at making excuses to buy all these toys. My wife’s heard it all though… I think.