FMATalk Live


FMATalk Live is a live call in show/podcast dedicated to the promotion of the Filipino Martial Arts in a politics free environment.  Our mission is to help promote all forms of Filipino Martial Arts and Culture, through interviews and panel discussions with Filipino Martial Artists from all over the world.  Topics range from training, tournaments, FMA Culture/History, and much much more.  Above all, we are Filipino Martial Arts enthusiasts who simply enjoy discussing everything related to the Filipino Martial Arts.  Join in the fun every Sunday at 8pm CST.

Our show hosts are: Guros Mark Basel and Federico Malibago of The Bahad Zubu Midwest Chapter, and Guro John Bednarski of Dekiti Tirsia/Midway Kodenkan and Datu Tim Hartman of Modern Arnis/Horizon Martial Arts reports in from now and again to fill us in on his journeys.

This interview was aired March 29, 2014.

FMAtalk interview

This interview was aired September 18, 2012.

FMAtalk interview 2



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