LIGHTNING COMBATIVES is about an approach to bridging the gap between a classical Filipino Martial Art and the urban mindset. It is about decoding the lessons embedded in these traditional arts. Its about the application of modern technologies and materials in equipment and training tools to address the changing times. It is also about equipping ourselves psychologically and physically to persevere with hard work and training to overcome our obstacles. It is about hard work and training. We recognize the importance of the development of the necessary attributes of SPEED, STRENGTH & STAMINA, to make techniques work in real time, in the real world through real training. No Shortcuts. We work with an Active and Aggressive mindset emphasizing Controlled Bursting to develop an advantage and maintain the edge. Join us explore the experience in training!

LSA TACTICAL – LSA Tactical is the condensation of the Classical LSA technology and applying it to more modern weapons such as the TACTICAL BATON, TACTICAL FOLDER, PALMSTICK and HAND TO HAND COMBAT. It also emphasizes a more aggressive approach in training. It specializes in conditioned response training to hardwire reactions and shorten reaction time, but still give it a flexibility to respond to changes in combat stimulus.

LSA CLASSICAL – As it states, it presents the classical approach of studying Lightning Scientific Arnis. We make this distinction because of the understanding that these techniques do not exist in a vacuum. That this system was developed within a specific classical context. We teach this with the understanding that each technique was meant as a tool with a specific intent, purpose and fighting environment as well as for specific weapons and weapon combinations, particularly the classical weapon sets such as Single stick, Double Stick, Stick and Dagger, Sword and Dagger and Single Dagger.

It is a wealth of knowledge that can only increase and improve our understanding of efficiency, grace and coordination of movement with and without weaponry.


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