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A friend of mine published an article about us on his Blog TALKING THE EDGE on September 11, 2012.  Its been years since then so sometimes I wonder if I made any sense at all saying all those things.  Its like a time capsule showing me a memory or a glimpse of what was on my mind and going on in my life at that time and if I was making any sense at all.

So without further ado here’s the link to his article,

“FMA for 21st Century – Interview with Jon Escudero”


Be sure to read the rest of his blog as the topics are quite interesting.

Happy Reading.

testing 2015 1

2015 Ranking Cermonies

AUGUST 28,2015.  So, that time of year has come again. After our students completed their level testing last week, today they receive there Certificates of Rank for completing the requirements for their specific levels. I am proud to acknowledge the hard work our members put into their preparations for testing, as well as during the testing itself.  The pressure of performing under the watchful gaze of an audience while being graded by the instructor can be nerve-wracking.

testing 2015 3

this year’s candiates

testing 2015 4


So I would like to congratulate this year’s batch and wish them good luck as they join those already there and encourage those whose turn is still to come.  We would like to also acknowledge the presence of the Philippine Ambassador to Israel, HE Ambassador Neal Imperial who gave a short message and award the certificates to this years batch and members of LSAIsrael.
testing 2015 2

a little reward for the hard work

Thanks also go to the senior members and Apprentice Instructors for their assistance during the testing.  They boldly put their bodies in harm’s way to  facilitate a successful and safe testing. 😛
So to everyone, Tatlong Basbas on you!
Congratulations! Goodluck! Good Job!
Batch 2015  
Dan Barmatz
Danielle Mimran
Itzik Halfon
Nimrod Avni
Nitay Huja
Sarah Aamidor
Alon Kfir
Shachar Lishchinski
Aviad Tal
Ronen Livni

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Another HOT Day in Tel Aviv!!!

24|07|15 – Park HaYarkon, Tel-Aviv – A collaboration of the top representatives of Filipino Martial Arts in Israel.  This was the second in a series of these collaborations to present, promote and propagate FMA in the country.
seminar page header

ICS, Cabales Serrada Escrima, LSAIsrael, FCS Kali

Four sessions, 2 demonstrations:

We begin with Abi Moriya representing the close-range stickwork of Caballes Serrada Escrima followed by Jon Escudero of Lightning Scientific Arnis Israel demonstrating follow-up attack options after a successful block. Guy Rafaeli of Israeli Combat Systems presents close range knife work and the context in which is is devastating.  Yaron Brill of FCS Kali works our participants on some of the softer skill in FMA that translate from stick to knife-work and hand to hand.
Kalis Illustrisimo

Kalis Illustrisimo

We introduce Brenton Welford who just moved to Israel, representing the Classical blade work of  Kalis Illustrisimo.  Brenton trained under Master Arnold Narzo under the supervision of the late GM Tony Diego in the Philippines.
eran fuchs profile

Tabimina Balintawak System

We also introduce Eran Fuchs of the Tabimina Balintawak System demonstrating the close range aggressive methodology.  Eran trains directly under GM Bobby Tabimina in the Philippines.  They also conduct seminars when GM Bobby is in the country.
We thank all instructors for their expertise and generosity for sharing their knowledge in their sessions and demonstrations.  Our appreciation also goes to all out participants, regular and first time participants who braved the heat and humidity of “pre-summer” Israel.

goodies by Tomer TACTICOOL

Our appreciation also goes to Tomer of TACTICOOL and their amazing array of “tools of the trade”, also for fun and recreation 😛  My wife, Neta Sermister deserves all my gratitude and appreciation for all her support in all these activities as well as her patience with me for all these things that keep me busy 😛

group session

beating the HEAT and slashing the HUMIDITY at Park Ha Yarkon!!!


brave souls


tough peeps

So I hope to see you all again at the future collaborations of FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS SEMINARS – ISRAEL, where we bring you only the best in Filipino Martial Arts in Israel.

photo credits go to Ariel Ra, you can see the full album on his page on Facebook 



For a small place there is so much to see, do, eat in Singapore!
JON ESCUDERO – Lightning Combatives visits Kilat Senjata – Lightning Arnis Singapore.
For three intensive days (April 3-5, 2015) Kilat Senjata was working the stick and the knife in  the Classical Material of Lightning Scientific Arnis  as well as the Tactical Combat material we practice in Israel.
The KS members are a hard working, well disciplined bunch who don’t balk at the heat and sweat indoors or outdoors.  KS was founded by Guro Vicente Reyes to teach, propagate and promote LSA and Filipino Martial Arts.  Now in Australia, his vision is faithfully continued by his senior instructors.
Our thanks go to Mark and his family, Matthew and the Kilat Senjata Members who made our stay very welcome and enjoyable. And best wishes go to old friends like Ron and Marcus  whose friendship is a treasure.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Singapore again soon!
photos courtesy of Polo Teo



It has been a while since I’ve been back to my roots.  So this 2015 I’m making a trip to the Philippines to touch base with Family, old friends, students and colleagues… and pick up an award along the way.  I’d like to thank the 3rd Philippine Martial Arts Hall of Fame for the recognition and the people who made this possible.  This award also goes to the people to whom my efforts are dedicated such as my Teacher and his Family, my Family, my Wife, my students and Lightning Scientific Arnis.   See you in the the Philippines!




This year Kilat Senjata-Lightning Scientific Arnis Singapore will be hosting a JON ESCUDERO – LIGHTNING COMBATIVES Seminar this April.  Kilat Senjata was founded by Guro Vicente Reyes in support of the promotion and propagation of Filipino Martial Arts.  Thanks go to Mark Roche for sorting out all the details and hope to see some of you guys there!

Please contact the organizer for details.


FMA Council April

FMA Dialogue participants at the Philippine Embassy

MARCH|22|2015: Another interesting day in Filipino Martial Arts in Israel. Masters and Instructors of Filipino Martial Arts in Israel meet with Philippine Ambassador to Israel, Neal Imperial for a dialogue about the state of Filipino Martial Arts in Israel. Present were GM Guy Rafaeli of Arnis Israel, Sifu Abi Moria of Essence of Change, Eran Fuchs of Tabimina Balintawak, Manong Yaron Brill of FCS Kali and Master Jon Escudero and Neta Shermister of Lightning Scientific Arnis Israel representing some of the styles in the country. Joining the Embassy side of the dialogoue were Consul Pamela Bailon and Cultural Attache Tess Reyes.

The Philippine Ambassador expressed his intention and interest to promote the Filipino Culture through cooperative efforts among these clubs. Most of the present Instructors have already collaborated in past efforts to promote FMA through seminars and such and are looking forward to other ways and projects to increase the awareness in the country.

This sparks the beginning of a continuing dialogue to bring more concrete plans and cooperation in the near future.