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Beautiful Bacolod. Let’s start with that.
From the island of Panay we jump on to Bacolod via the Supercat from Iloilo. Our good friend Ralph meets us at the pier and takes us to a delicious Chinese food dinner.
Bacolod is great for road trips. Either north or south there is always something to see from antique houses, sugar plantations, amazing view and scenery.

volcano view

We viewed Mt. Kanlaon from a Balinese style rest house while eating pancit and cake as we talked about rural life and the beauty of the landscape. A place definitely worth another visit.
We stayed the night at a mountain resort, enjoyed some simple diversion and some daring with a zipline.
We’ll be back Bacolod!
Binaston Sa Capiztahan 2015

Binaston Sa Capiztahan 2015

We’ve been back to the Philippines for almost a week now.  After a rush meet r and greet with family and friends we are off to Roxas City to visit the Capiztahan Festival where Lightning Scientific Arnis Roxas City is hosting it’s annual Binaston sa Capiztahan tournament. Competitors from many groups in the region participated in the Forms and Full-contact events.

Participants, Players, Organizers, Guests

Participants, Players, Organizers, Guests

The forms competition participants showed amazing skill and competence.  Forms isn’t usually my favorite event but these players caught my attention.  They showed intent and power in their movements  as well as strength and grace.
Roxas City LSAI HQ

Roxas City LSAI HQ

Visiting the old school HQ under the stands at Villareal Stadium was a walk through history.  Old certificates, faded photographs, old charts and diagrams. A lot of history, this being one of the first LSAI clubs.  I also heard of some damage from the storm called “Yolanda” damaging part of the gym, photos and equipment. But through it all they still stay strong.  From what I heard, LSAI seems to be everywhere here all the way up to the governors house.

It was just a quick visit as other obligations pull us away.  It was fun meeting the older generation of gentlemen who strive to preserve the same legacy I am a part of.  It was also great to see this legacy growing in the hearts and hands of the younger generation. I ride away with a better appreciation of the path I choose to walk.



It has been a while since I’ve been back to my roots.  So this 2015 I’m making a trip to the Philippines to touch base with Family, old friends, students and colleagues… and pick up an award along the way.  I’d like to thank the 3rd Philippine Martial Arts Hall of Fame for the recognition and the people who made this possible.  This award also goes to the people to whom my efforts are dedicated such as my Teacher and his Family, my Family, my Wife, my students and Lightning Scientific Arnis.   See you in the the Philippines!