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B0D89405-A040-4DF6-AABA-05BDC7C04F2AThere are no secrets to someone who has diligence, resourcefulness and persistence to uncover it. There’s too much talk about “secret” techniques and hidden knowledge. Too much hype about some “magic bullet” of a technique that defeats all. Or that a technique is so special that it is kept a secret.

Unless it’s magic or supernatural… it is not a secret.
Or maybe… its just being kept secret from you?

F7F21522-E4ED-40F4-9528-D64E5A0F2162Instead I would rather the focus be on a better understanding of the mechanics of the movements and the types of strategies it allows you to perform.

Complete mastery of a style or system, in my opinion, is a lifelong endeavor. We could only be so lucky to have a teacher or mentor who could guide us all the way along this journey. But life, being finite and all, we all will have to walk this road on our own eventually. So it is imperative that we have a solid understanding of the underlying mechanics, physics, contexts and concepts surrounding our techniques.

This is why I find it ridiculous when some people make grandiose claims of secret techniques and of secret interpretations of fighting moves. So here’s a toolkit to decode these mysteries.

1. Break it down into movements – there is no combat without movement. You need to move to get from point “a” to point “b”… so does an attack.
2. Define the Intent. Is it an “attack”, is it a “defense”. Is it a pro-active movement or a set up or a reaction?
3. Identify your goal. Fight? Flight? Or Freeze?
4. Add movement. Forward, Backward… sideways? Who moves first, who moves next? This way you know who is directing the action.
5. Substitute. Replace some movements. Instead of “attack”, block. Instead of “block”, attack. It gives you a different perspective of the movement at hand. Do you want to add a disarm, takedown, throw?

There’s no magic to this. Just hard study. Just doesn’t forget to test it first in class. Because the worst place to find out it doesn’t work is on the street.

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It’s about skill, not gimmicks.

It is about the development of lasting skill. A transferable skill to different combinations of weapon sets. It is about connecting skills that work well together.  It is about skill that improves with age. It is about understanding things to its completeness. It is about total understanding and not flashy gimmicks or trendy fads or fancy uniforms and gear we see in movies. It is about the flexible understanding of principles. Not about memorized sets or cookie-cutter solutions.

It is about skill that gets better with experience. It is about understanding that deepens with testing yourself.

Unlock your inner potential.


MARCH 3-5, 2016 – Here at LSAIsrael, we do our best to outdo ourselves with each next activity. This year we held our 2nd Winter Camp in Eilat in the south of Israel. Great sunny weather the whole weekend, we exceeded our planned 10 hours of training! In addition to our planned training hours we had a bonus session of some good old fashioned stick sparring and friend and guest instructor Brenton Welford gave us a taste of Kalis Ilustrismo.

Eilat is a great venue for these camps for its accessibility to all sorts of entertainment and other fun leisure activities indoor and outdoor. It also has night activities for those who need a little something to wrap up the day.

Seminar topics vary every year. This years focus was to beef up our core material. We have a very broad curriculum and these weekend seminar campsare great opportunities to cover the material with more depth. It is also a great time for people to make friendships and forge bonds. The camps are very much a family affair where members can bring along relatives and family.

Seminar Topics – LSAIsrael Winter Camp – Eilat 2016

Day 1
– Short Stick Pushing and Trapping
– Solo Baston serrada

Day 2
– Hand to Hand Combat
– Close Quarters Knife
– Empty Hand knife defense
– Doble Baston on the beach

Day 3
– Kalis Ilustrisimo workshop

Buffet meals, the only open indoor pool in winter, open bar on drinks, on-stage evening entertainment, various other outdoor activities. Maybe next seminar you should join us 😛

All-in-all it was a full and awesome weekend and we look forward to improving the experience each year.

Thanks go to Neta and Ofer for making the arrangements and making sure everything went awesome!


Photo Credits to Ariel Raskin, great photos man! – you can view the albums here:

Day 1Day 2Day 3


Binaston Sa Capiztahan 2015

Binaston Sa Capiztahan 2015

We’ve been back to the Philippines for almost a week now.  After a rush meet r and greet with family and friends we are off to Roxas City to visit the Capiztahan Festival where Lightning Scientific Arnis Roxas City is hosting it’s annual Binaston sa Capiztahan tournament. Competitors from many groups in the region participated in the Forms and Full-contact events.

Participants, Players, Organizers, Guests

Participants, Players, Organizers, Guests

The forms competition participants showed amazing skill and competence.  Forms isn’t usually my favorite event but these players caught my attention.  They showed intent and power in their movements  as well as strength and grace.
Roxas City LSAI HQ

Roxas City LSAI HQ

Visiting the old school HQ under the stands at Villareal Stadium was a walk through history.  Old certificates, faded photographs, old charts and diagrams. A lot of history, this being one of the first LSAI clubs.  I also heard of some damage from the storm called “Yolanda” damaging part of the gym, photos and equipment. But through it all they still stay strong.  From what I heard, LSAI seems to be everywhere here all the way up to the governors house.

It was just a quick visit as other obligations pull us away.  It was fun meeting the older generation of gentlemen who strive to preserve the same legacy I am a part of.  It was also great to see this legacy growing in the hearts and hands of the younger generation. I ride away with a better appreciation of the path I choose to walk.


For a small place there is so much to see, do, eat in Singapore!
JON ESCUDERO – Lightning Combatives visits Kilat Senjata – Lightning Arnis Singapore.
For three intensive days (April 3-5, 2015) Kilat Senjata was working the stick and the knife in  the Classical Material of Lightning Scientific Arnis  as well as the Tactical Combat material we practice in Israel.
The KS members are a hard working, well disciplined bunch who don’t balk at the heat and sweat indoors or outdoors.  KS was founded by Guro Vicente Reyes to teach, propagate and promote LSA and Filipino Martial Arts.  Now in Australia, his vision is faithfully continued by his senior instructors.
Our thanks go to Mark and his family, Matthew and the Kilat Senjata Members who made our stay very welcome and enjoyable. And best wishes go to old friends like Ron and Marcus  whose friendship is a treasure.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Singapore again soon!
photos courtesy of Polo Teo



It has been a while since I’ve been back to my roots.  So this 2015 I’m making a trip to the Philippines to touch base with Family, old friends, students and colleagues… and pick up an award along the way.  I’d like to thank the 3rd Philippine Martial Arts Hall of Fame for the recognition and the people who made this possible.  This award also goes to the people to whom my efforts are dedicated such as my Teacher and his Family, my Family, my Wife, my students and Lightning Scientific Arnis.   See you in the the Philippines!




This year Kilat Senjata-Lightning Scientific Arnis Singapore will be hosting a JON ESCUDERO – LIGHTNING COMBATIVES Seminar this April.  Kilat Senjata was founded by Guro Vicente Reyes in support of the promotion and propagation of Filipino Martial Arts.  Thanks go to Mark Roche for sorting out all the details and hope to see some of you guys there!

Please contact the organizer for details.